Totes & Tokens

Our Mission is to uniquely inspire people through gift wrapping to lead greener lifestyles by providing them eco-friendly, beautiful, multifunctional, re-usable and recyclable gift wrapping solutions. We will do so with Honesty, Transparency, Quality, Creativity and Variety!

Our Vision is the reduction of the World,s landfills from gift wrapping waste by enlightening people on how easy, thoughtful, sentimental and beautiful green living can be with just a little creativity and time on how to repurpose and re-use.

About the Fabrics at Totes and Tokens our main fabrics are 100% Cotton and 100% Linen, which are recyclable and reusable. We are also working on partnering up directly with suppliers that produce organic and sustainably sourced fabrics.

Gift wrapping and its impact on our earth has made us establish Totes and Tokens. Who doesn’t like to give or receive gifts; its the single most gratifying action and emotion we as social creatures experience. It releases endorphins and builds bonds between us, as well us helps us connect with each other and teaches us how to be thoughtful, considerate and empathetic. As we partake in such an impactful gesture we are unfortunately impacting our earth and our future negatively with our usage of gift wrapping papers, which are sadly designed for single use only.

The unfortunate challenges with gift wrapping paper lies in its production, make up and usage; wrapping paper is often:

  • Dyed and laminated
  • Produced with non-paper additives like plastics, glitter, silver and gold foiling
  • Found with sticky tape or non biodegradable adhesives after discarding
  • Produced from virgin fibre which dye better than recycled fibers and has a bigger climate impact during production
  • Produced very thin, making the quality of the fibers very low for recycling purposes
  • If unwrapped carefully can be used a couple of times more before having to discard it
  • Considered far more costly to recycle than to discard them into landfills

Meaning that even if we do segregate our wrapping papers into recycling bins or purchase plain recyclable papers, the chances of that paper being recycled is very slim. We wanted to delve into how much gift wrapping paper is being used globally and its impact. With such a specific item we found it difficult to ascertain statistics and datas. What little data was available served only as insight to us, yet we know that the data we have paints a picture for us to take immediate action to change its course.

Did you know?

Imagine what the numbers would be if we calculated the entire earth’s production of gift wrapping paper and the impact it has on our globe.