Christmas gift wrapping workshop with a twist!

December is fast approaching, and this means 1 thing. Christmas shopping galore and all things decorating and wrapping. For such a wonderful time of the year where we all strive to come up with new gifting ideas and unique wrappings, we at Totes and Tokens have collaborated with yet another eco-conscious female owned business here in Dubai; Hempy People, to bring you unique gift-wrapping styles that are beautiful and eco-friendly. Not only will your loved ones thank you so will Mother Nature.

 Totes and Tokens Hemp Fabric wrapped gifts with festive decorations


Hempy People is a community of hemp enthusiasts. They co-create and inspire people to design and develop together with them. Their creations are 100% vegan (made from hemp), no chemicals, with breathable items ranging from hempy socks through, hempy cosmetics to hempy houses. We have collaborated to bring you the first hemp fabric gift wrapping range in Dubai provided by Hempy People for our upcoming workshop at their Hempara event at Fixie Café the Palm this November 26th from 1 to 3pm.

Why Hemp? Hemp is a natural fibre that can be used for many items including fabric and is incredibly eco-friendly. As it requires significantly less water than other clothing crops, and its ability to outgrow competing plants eliminates the need for harsh chemicals and pesticides, it’s naturally biodegradable, it absorbs carbon dioxide, and it gives goodness back to the earth by replenishing soil. Additionally, it’s naturally antimicrobial, it’s thermoregulating, and it’s 3 times more durable than cotton.

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Our collaborated gift-wrapping workshop with a twist of eco-friendliness and reusability, is for anyone who wants to learn how to wrap their gifts in an eye-catching and eco-friendly way and repurpose their fabric gift wraps. The workshop will be held at Fixie Café the Palm, so you'll have the opportunity to explore some of their food as it will be included as part of the workshop, while learning creative ways of making your presents special this holiday season and how to repurpose them to multitude of things.

 The benefits of attending this workshop include:

  • learning how to wrap gifts using fabric gift wraps in the ancient art of Furoshiki and Bojagi in 6 creative styles
  • learning how to repurpose these Hempy fabric gift wraps in multiple ways that are trendy and functional in 6 trendy styles
  • having fun!

handes wrapping gift with fabric gift wraps and Christmas decorations

All the materials in our workshop are sourced from nature.

  • 100% Hemp Fabric from Hempy People turned into fabric gift wraps
  • Kraft paper box that we will use to practice the wraps on
  • Bamboo wooden chopstick to help clean up your final designs and make them look crispy and sharp

You do not need to bring anything, at the Hempara event you can curate and fabric gift wrap an eco-friendly Christmas gift from the other workshops such as the notebook, the hemp bag and shoes you’ll paint, and your own handmade cosmetics, should you register to all of the workshops held that day.

We'll provide everything else so there's no need for extensive shopping or prepping before class.

Hempy People x Totes and Tokens Christmas collaboration is a fun-filled workshop to learn eco-friendly gift wrapping and repurposing techniques.

So come along for an afternoon of creativity and inspiration by registering for the workshop by contacting Hempy People now and registering with them!