For the love of your life and nature; a guide to an eco-valentines day

Valentines day is around the corner and we all have gifts to give and dates to plan! But this year why not celebrate a conscious valentines instead? A conscious Valentines Day is choosing to live a more holistic, socially conscious and environmentally friendly life whilst incorporating love into it too.

Sounds interesting and a little intimidating? Don't know how to start, what to buy or do? Do not worry, we've got you covered with a small easy guide on how you can start your green journey and celebrate an eco-friendly and sustainable Valentines Day.

Totes and Tokens Valentine's Day Love Collection Fabric Gift Wrapped Gifts
Wrap your Valentine's Day gifts with an elegant, eco-friendly and reusable fabric gift wrap 
      • Already found the perfect gift and want to do your part for mother nature; you can have your gift wrapped with one of our fabric gift wraps that is not only unique and beautiful but eco-friendly and re-purposeful. You can either wrap it yourself with our Valentine’s Day special edition Love Collection wrap by following one of our tutorials or visit Surf House between the 10th and the 13thof February from 10am to 4pm to choose your favorite fabric wrap and have it wrapped for you for FREE
      Totes and Tokens x Juve Self-Care gift set of 3 homemade natural soaps and body butter
      Purchase an all natural "Self-Care" gift set made from the finest natural ingredients, that is friendly to your/their skin and the environment 
          • You want to show your love and appreciation to your loved one who does more for everyone but themselves and still have it be a conscious buy. Why not gift them a Self-Care” gift set that has 3 homemade soaps and a body butter made from the finest natural ingredients by Juve that is sure to sooth and rejuvenate them
          DIY Date Night Jar with wooden popsicles and a pink mason jar
          Create a Date Night Jar with your loved one by repurposing wooden popsicle sticks or scrap paper 
            • You have a wonderful long-standing relationship or lead busy lives and want to do something together on date night and spend most of the time trying to decide what to do or where to go, which ends up with either doing the same old thing or nothing at all. This Valentine Day why not set a romantic mood at home with candlelight, beverages and nibbles and fill it with an activity, where you both come up with fun, romantic and adventurous ideas for the Date Night Jar. Jot each idea down on a wooden popsicle stick or scrap paper and place them in a glass mason jar that you may have. After every date night choose one and place it somewhere you both can see to build the anticipation for the upcoming date night. Don’t hold back, get creative and have fun doing it
            Tree planting
            Volunteer and join environmental conservation initiatives around the UAE and make a difference 
                • Azraq ocean conservation is a volunteer-led organization that leads many initiatives, workshops and educational events that are focused on awareness and improving biodiversity around the UAE. Volunteer with your loved one and make it a day to remember knowing you not only show love to one another but to nature as well
                  • Emirates Nature -WWF is a leading non-profit organization established to drive positive change in the UAE, by partnering with individuals and institutions to achieve science-based solutions to combat climate change and safeguard the seas, the land and their associated biodiversities. Register to become a leader of change; join one of many missions to gift them with the gift of help with your significant other.
                  Totes and Tokens Valentines Day love Collection fabric wrapped gift in a romantic setting facing a lake
                  Reconnect with your loved one and nature by going on a romantic glamping staycation or getaway but remember to always leave the area better than you found it
                    • Being eco-conscious is not only about reducing waste it’s also about reconnecting with nature and appreciating it. The more you reconnect with her the more your convictions to saving her increases. Just like making sure you reconnect and spend quality time with your loved one reinforces your bonds. So grab the keys to your 4x4 (we know, that driving a car isn’t eco-friendly or sustainable, but the journey to green living starts somewhere until we grow to reach a level of where we can change every part of our lives to a fully green living), blankets and throws, pillows and some romantic nibbles and beverages and drive up to Al Qudra lakes, the desert or the mountains; set up the trunk and enjoy a romantic time together taking in each others love and nature’s beauty
                    • Book a romantic glamping staycation in any of these lodgings that are surrounded by nature:
                    Hatta Sedr Trailer Resort Caravana Beach Resort Jebel Hafit Desert Park Al Badayer Oasis Retreat
                    Hatta's Sedr Trailer Resort Caravana Beach Resort Jebel Hafit Desert Park Al Badayer Oasis Retreat


                    Everyone has their own definition of what sustainable in their life means. But one thing is for sure, it can be achieved and still be made romantic. By just thinking a little bit more and making a little bit less of an impact on nature, we can change the world, starting with our own lives.

                    I hope that after reading this article you are prepared to have a gallant and luxurious Valentine’s Day. Moving forward, continue to look for beauty in the little things and express your love in the most humane way. Remember that it is not what you do but how you go about doing it that matters!