Pinktober with Urban Nest

It's Pinktober, everything must be pink!

If you’re looking for a way to support Breast Cancer Awareness month, in a unique and eco-friendly way, then look no further than our most recent collaboration with Urban Nest! From today until 31st October, Urban Nest will be selling hand picked limited edition gifts from their collection wrapped in Pinktober inspired fabric gift wraps from Totes and Tokens at their showroom in Al Quoz.

Urban Nest Gift wrapped in Pinktober inspired Totes and Tokens Fabric Gift wrap in the Urban Nest Showroom

Pinktober is a month of awareness and fundraising for breast cancer. Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the UAE with the highest number of malignant cases in 2019 of 883 cases making up 20.2% of the overall cancer cases in the UAE, and it is the leading cause of cancer deaths as per the MOHAP 2019 annual report of the UAE National Cancer Registry, with an estimated average of 11.6% of cancer deaths per year.

If you’re looking for a way to support Breast Cancer Awareness this October sustainably and uniquely, then look no further than our collaboration with Urban Nest!

Urban Nest is a Dubai-based concept store with unique home design brands. They provide distribution and wholesale for European and Latin American design labels and designers like HKliving, Hübsch, New Citizen Design, Puik, Tiny Miracles, and Sumaq Qara in the Middle East and Levant area. For them affordability, sustainability and unique products that tell a story are the most important filters for selection. 

They speak the language of their target audience. They're there when interior design has to change fast and keep up with the pace of the client. They highly value a personal approach and always listen to their clients, who want their spaces to tell a unique story.

This Pinktober Urban Nest has specifically handpicked limited edition gifts from their collection and Totes and Tokens to wrap these gifts for this important month in our Pinktober inspired fabric gift wraps made from 100% cotton which will be available until October 31st in their showroom. These gifts are perfect for every strong woman fighting the fight and in any home.

Urban Nest buffet table linked with Totes and Tokens Pinktober inspired wrapped gifts  Urban Nest artwork with Totes and Tokens Pinktober inspired gift wrapped gifts in front 

Already have a gift in mind and simply want to present it beautifully and sustainably all the while supporting breast cancer awareness, we've got you covered. Here's how:

  • Check out our size chart to determine that right fabric gift wrap for your gift

  • Choose either or both of our Pinktober inspired Fabric gift wraps; The "Fuchsia" or "It's a Girl" wrap

  • Pick a wooden decorative token to decorate

  • Make sure to click the gift wrapping service option at check out

  • We'll pick up your gift, wrap it and deliver it back to you or to your strong woman of choice