Our wooden Oud decorative token is an Arabic guitar that symbolizes celebration, liveliness and energy. This token is 4 x 2.12 inches that can beautifully decorate your wrapped gifts.

You can leave it as is or get creative by coloring it in, bedazzle it or dip it half way into paint to make it look unique and modern. This token can also be repurposed as a bookmark, a key chain or even as a Christmas tree ornament. All you need is imagination and creativity.

Dhs 25.00

Wraps Size Chart

Size Centimeters Inches Wraps Repurposed as
XS 36 x 36 14" x 14" Engagement ring box, Perfume, Candle, Men's Wallet box  Small Bandana, Napkin, Hair Tie 
S 53 x 53 21" x 21" Novel, Video Game box, Wine bottle, Candle, iPhone  Medium Bandana, Scarf, Handbag handle decoration, French neck tie
M 70 x 70 27" x 27" Tie box, Shoe box, Point & Shoot camera  Small belt, Large bandana, Small purse or tote, Scarf
L 90 x 90 35" x 35" Board game, Laptop, Basketball, Small gift basket  Medium belt, purse or tote, Scarf halter top, Sarong, Shawl
XL 107 x 107 42" x 42" Game console, Gift basket, Lego box  Large belt, Shopping tote, Shawl, Basket liner


All sizes are close approximates and can vary slightly from piece to piece. Colors of images on the web may vary slightly from reality.

Important Tip! 

If you are not sure what size to purchase, a good tip to remember is that the diagonal length of the fabric should be able to accommodate 3 times the length of your gift.

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